Textile Identification and Appraisal

Textile Appraisal

We no longer do appraisals.  


  • Hello, I have what I was told is a Navajo riding blanket foom the early 1900’s. Could you help confirm it’s Navajo?

    • Sure, I’ll be glad to authenticate it for you. I do need a fairly high resolution picture to do that.

    • I’m assuming that you’re talking about the rug in the Etsy link. It’s definitely Navajo c. 1985. The yarn is all naturally dyed, and I would ask the seller to send you pictures of both sides of the rug.

      Burntwater rugs like this one tend to fade unevenly if one side gets more exposure to light. They can have what’s referred to as an A and B side, with one side being markedly lighter than the other. The seller doesn’t seem to be showing the back side of the piece, which makes me wonder what it looks like.

  • I just purchased a Navajo rug from a dealer in Sausalito on eBay. It’s 4 x 5.5, Two Grey Hills style. I have no experience in this and the rug was not inexpensive, I I wonder if you could tell me if it is, in fact authentic.


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