Textile Identification and Appraisal

Get an accurate textile appraisal from a qualified appraiser

What is it?  How much is it worth?  Is it authentic?  A textile appraisal report tells you what you need to know so that you can quit guessing. 

 Most people use the report to determine the probable auction value of the item.  The report format follows the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.   Mary Walker, a member of the International Society of Appraisers, writes and signs report.   Mary’s training assures you that appropriate appraisal methods are used.    She weaves, cleans and repairs textiles so she  knows the process from the inside out.  Forty years of experience and scholarship in weaving make her a recognized authority on Navajo and other flatwoven textiles. 

How do you appraise the item?  

First your pictures are examined.  Then, Mary determines important facts about your textile.  She determines the age, style, fiber content, and dyes used.  She also assesses the condition of the item.  Then, Mary researches recent sales of similar items.  Finally, her report tells you what you have and what the current auction market for that item is. You will receive a restricted appraisal report of the auction value of your item.  The report is for your use only.  There are two report versions to select from.  The concise appraisal ($20) provides a checklist description including the age, fiber content, identification, and condition assessment.  The extended report ($50) includes a four to five paragraph analysis providing you with an understanding of the artistic, historic and geographic context of the textile. 

Get an appraisal!

  • Decide which report level is best for you.  Don’t know?  Order the basic report.  Mary will do the extended report if the basic isn’t detailed enough for your purposes.  You’ll then be billed only for the additional $30 extended report fee.  
  • Submit the dimensions and at least three pictures of the textile on the form below.
    • First picture: Whole textile
    • Second picture: Four corners folded to the center
    • Third picture: Close-up of the weaving
    • Additional pictures to show any damaged areas
  • Please allow seven days for research and report preparation.    

Need a different type of appraisal? 

Contact Mary at mary.walker@weavinginbeauty.com or call her at 602-370-2875 and she will be glad to discuss your appraisal needs.  

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